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It is a common knowledge that band false eyelashes 3D is an essential tool of any woman that helps her stay beautiful and stylish. However, few of us realize what a powerful weapon it can be. Carried out by a professional stylist, a makeup session can literally have a visual effect of a plastic surgery. I have been using cosmetics since 12 but the first introduction to the art of professional makeup changed my life forever.

band false eyelashes 3D
band false eyelashes 3D

The first couple of lessons at a band false eyelashes 3D school in Europe made me fall in love with this unbelievable art that requires nothing more than knowledge and a little creativity. Well, most of us women possess a share of creativity and curiosity but seldom get a chance to learn valuable tricks from a stylist/cosmetologist. So, here are some of the simplest and most effective tips to always stay irresistible:

o Any perfect makeup starts with well prepared skin. Great band false eyelashes 3D is not about a price. However, even the most expensive professional brands will look bad on a skin that is not taken care of on a regular basis. Love your face and find 15 minutes a day to take care of it: ALWAYS remove daily makeup thoroughly before going to bed, use eye cream and facial creams that fit you and your age personally (it requires some experimenting), occasionally treat your skin with masks that meet your needs (recommended twice a week) or facials in a salon if you can afford it (discuss it with your cosmetologist).

o Whenever you remove makeup or apply creams/masks, follow the so called ‘massage lines’. It will prevent your skin from developing premature wrinkles under the stress of every day makeover (basically, you will not have to stretch your skin in a ‘wrong’ direction that causes early wrinkles).

For further details please view the Skin Care page on rld of difference. When a cosmetologist works at a woman’s brows for the first time choosing the right shape and trimming them correctly, it often changes a face drastically.

o Once you are ready to apply a makeup the most important thing to know is that a band false eyelashes 3D purpose is first of all to hide little imperfections, correct them and underline natural pluses of a woman’s face. A perfect makeup should be almost invisible and very flattering to your personal type of skin and appearance (as well as age). Easy to say! How exactly do we hide minuses and stress pluses? The most essential rules are very simple: apply darker shades to everything that needs to be visually hidden or narrowed down and lighter shades to stress or visually enlarge certain areas. Use only colors that flatter your skin and age and colors that go with each other.

o One of the biggest secrets of perfection is foundation: to begin with, it takes a while to find the one that is best for your skin type and lasts through the day. A foundation (and powder) shade should be as close to your skin tone as possible. Once you have found the right one, choose your concealer (corrective pencil to cover blemishes, spots, and dark circles). It always needs to be 1 or 2 shades lighter than your base foundation for the perfect effect.

o We all know that makeup colors should match our skin type and reflect outfits and styles. However, there is another very important factor here: lighting. The same makeup will look completely different in a day light and in different kinds of electric lighting. For that reason daily band false eyelashes 3D is usually very mild, and evening makeup needs to be adjusted to the lighting of the event/premise and is generally brighter. Camera makeup is the most intensive.

o How to intensify makeup without looking “over the top”? That’s a tricky question that always makes us be careful. One fact might help: there are 2 basic styles (classic and romantic). Classic version suggests that a bright lipstick is used and lighter eye shadow colors, romantic one suggests darker eyes and light natural lips. Usually bright choices for both are not recommended.

o The last one: do not hesitate and visit a professional band false eyelashes 3D

band false eyelashes 3D
band false eyelashes 3D

artist at least once or twice! It will be a worthy investment. In one session you might learn more about your face, colors, and options than you had learnt in years of using makeup. This is a very fast growing and changing industry. A specialist can tell you about the latest developments and secrets and even draw a ‘makeup’ map that shows in details what colors are best for you and how you need to apply eye-shadow, blush, foundation, lipstick, pencils, etc. to reach the best look.

The article is based on materials of a visage school course. Please do not hesitate to comment and e-mail questions and suggestions about makeup

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