Trichotillomania Hypnosis – An End to Hair Pulling

There is a custom 3d eyelashes box in the medical world as to whether trichotillomania is an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) or an impulse disorder. However, what ever it is classified as, about 2% of the population know it causes them a great deal of distress, discomfort and embarrassment. The condition is as individual as the people who suffer from it. For many the symptoms will be evident as hair pulling. Literally pulling their hair out from any area of their body and even from their close relatives and partners. Others will focus on pulling hair from maybe just one area of the body such eyebrow pulling, eyelash pulling and so on.


What happens after hair has been pulled from the body can also vary from sufferer to sufferer. Some then keep the hair, whilst others use the pulled hair as dental floss and a small percentage eat the hair, which is referred to as trichophagia. Trichophagia can cause serious stomach pain and on occasions surgery is needed to remove custom 3d eyelashes box.

The hair pulling behaviour usually starts in young children with the male and female split being about 50 – 50. By with the onset of puberty 90% of recorded cases are female. Although recorded cases do not necessarily reflect the true picture. It is quite accepted in modern society that men can from an early age start to have a receding hairline and bald patches. Very little is publicly said, whilst females with bald patches, missing eyebrows etc are subject to at the very least to comment.

Diagnosis is on occasion difficult even for trichologics as often admitting this behaviour would add shame to the discomfort and may result in the loss of sympathy. As a London and Midlands based hypnotherapist who specialises in using hypnotherapy and EFT with people who have trichotillomania, I recently treated a client who’s partner believed she had alopecia and when she got up the courage to admit she was pulling out her own hair the relationship collapsed. This was exceptional it should be noted as most partners have an inkling that something is not quite right and when told that it is a condition, are usually very supportive.

Over time people with trichotillomania (sometimes shortened to TTM) become adept at covering up the damage. Some use wigs, whilst others will use scarves and caps. For those with eyelash or eyebrow pulling behaviour will cover the evidence by using custom 3d eyelashes box and cosmetics.

If treatment is not offered quickly the bald patches will grow and effect not only have an adverse effect on external appearance but also the person’s ability to function in the big wide and often windy world. Activities such as swimming, driving in a convertible car become only dreams.

All of this restriction on their life can naturally affect their self-confidence and self esteem. custom 3d eyelashes box is often linked with trichotillomania and medication may be prescribed such as Prozac. Some people report some improvement with pharmaceutical treatment but others prefer an alternative approach including behaviour therapy. CBT, support groups and hypnotherapy. Some people also benefit from dietary changes.

As an experienced trichotillomania hypnotherapist, I have found that a combination of practical and pleasant activities and strategies as well hypnosis and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) can be effective. After working with clients directly in one to one sessions, I also provide hypnosis and subliminal cds to be used each evening in addition and to continue the progressive made in the hypnotherapy sessions.

Whether working with a client face to face or by email, it is possible with custom 3d eyelashes box and trust to work out times and situations which exacerbate the issue and make a change. Just like learning to walk it takes time, practise and encouragement from people around you.

In my experience trichotillomania in all its forms can be custom 3d eyelashes box effectively and either reduced in severity or eliminated if the client’s motivation is there and the support of loved ones can be counted on.


Anne Thornton-Patterson
London Hypnotherapist Specialising in Trichotillomania

Article Source: xrhair

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