Single Girl’s Guide to Makeover Magic

Let’s face it, girlfriends. Thanks to cable TV, we’re now addicted to endless episodes of makeover shows where each “Plain Jane,” with her closet-from-hell, learns to choose the right clothes, custom eyelash packaging eyelashes, and hair style, then right before our eyes, transforms into a real beauty! And, ever notice how looking great makes her feel empowered? And, all in less than an hour! Amazing!

But, what if this new self-confident charmer is one of the millions of your single sisters on the hunt for Prince Charming, who happens to be on the hunt for his Princess Charming? Well, in that case, this might be the perfect time to check in with your mirror, mirror on the wall to see how you fair with all this growing competition.

You know, Cinderella had this so easy. With the wave of a wand, and a bit of “custom eyelash packaging eyelashes bobbity boo,” her fairy godmother morphed her from rags to riches, then sent her off to the Ball looking like the Princess she was about to become, and the rest is history!

custom eyelash packaging eyelashes
custom eyelash packaging eyelashes

In the real world, this all gets a bit more complicated. For starters, chances are your prince will first see you dressed for the mall, not the Ball. Plus, your chances of being the next TV makeover are pretty slim. You could hire a fashion savvy godmother, AKA a fashion consultant, but if a fee of $200 + is not in your budget, what’s a girl like you to do when the whole point is to leave a first impression that leaves a potential prince wanting more?

Well, a girl like you will take charge of her life. Presenting the I’ll Do It MYSELF Makeover!

You start with your face. Of course, if you’re thinking, “How ’bout I start with something else,” remember Cindy Crawford’s immortal words: “Even I don’t wake up looking like Cindy Crawford.” So, again, your face is your focus, specifically the colors of your face. I promise you, when you learn how to use the power of color to compliment your eyes, skin, and natural hair color, just like on the makeover shows, magic will happen! Those eyes will sparkle and your complexion will glow. And, glowing is definitely a plus for first impressions, especially when your prince will remember forever the first time he saw your face.

On the other hand, glowing is practically impossible when you wear colors that clash with your own. For example, if you have watercolor eyes, translucent skin, and hair the color of soft wheat, imagine the catastrophe of deep bronze custom eyelash packaging eyelashes, double black eyeliner, and a dayglow dress with dark chunky jewelry. Right! Not good! The strong colors overpower your own, and POOF! you disappear. Wearing colors paler than your own washes out your natural glow so you look tired and older than you are. Again, not good. To go for the glow, here are the “must knows” that make it happen!


Many fashion consultants rely on the Munsell Color System to accurately determine a client’s color palette. This scientific system is based on three components: HUE, VALUE, and CHROMA:

HUE is simply the color’s name.
Simple Hues: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple.
Compound hues: Yellow-Red, Green-Yellow, Blue-Green, Purple-Blue and Red-Purple.
VALUE: How light or dark a color is.
The more white in a color, the higher the value. True black has the lowest value, true white has the highest.
CHROMA: The clarity or strength of the color.
Muted, grayed colors have low chroma; clear, vibrant, bright colors have high chroma.


FOUNDATION: Match to the skin tone at the outer corner of your eyes. Blend the custom eyelash packaging eyelashes on your face and neck, and then match to your skin tone in both indoor lighting and sunlight. Hint: To ensure you choose the correct foundation color, take a friend along for a second opinion.

EYE MAKEUP: Use your lash and brow color for everyday mascara, eye liner and brow pencil. For a more dramatic effect, increase the makeup custom eyelash packaging eyelashes  color value. Choose eye shadow in your eye or brow color. Hint: Your eyes contain a rainbow of complimentary colors. Use a magnifying mirror to see the full spectrum.

LIPSTICK and BLUSH: Match to your cheeks and lips. Gently pinch both cheeks and lips, noting if the color goes pink, red, or orange.

With a bit of practice, your custom eyelash packaging eyelashes routine will take you from ordinary to glowing in five minutes or less.


If you’ve spent a lifetime believing you can’t wear certain colors, then understanding Hue, Value, and Chroma opens up a whole new world. Just imagine! Red is not just one color, but a full range of options from yellow-red to purple-red, from pastel pink to deepest burgundy, all from which you choose the reds that compliment you.

REDS: Your cheek and lip colors
GREENS / BLUES: For green or blue eyes, use your eye color. For brown or black eyes, use green or blue in your eye “rainbow,” or use a color wheel to match your eye color to complimentary greens or blues.
YELLOWS: Trickiest of all colors to determine. Usually Summers and Springs wear soft yellow; Falls wear golden yellow; Winters wear intense, bright yellow.
NEUTRALS: Current or former (if your hair is colored or grayed) natural hair color, and eyes if primarily brown or black. Use neutrals for suits, coats, skirts, pants, jackets, shoes and purses.


Color analysts often use the four seasons to harmonize skin, eye and hair color with the complimentary fashion style. To define each season’s style, I’ve grouped celebrities by their season, based on promotional photographs. Note: About 50% of us also have a secondary season. If a celebrity’s photo exhibits a secondary, it is noted in parenthesis.

SUMMER: Look of Yesterday
COMPLEXION: Clear, cool, delicate
HAIR COLOR: Ash blonde, light to medium cool red or brown; matures to salt and pepper, cool or icy white
EYE COLOR: Iris -Soft green, blue, hazel, amber or cool brown; Sclera (white surrounding the iris) – Gray or white
COLORS: Minimal to moderate intensity, soft, grayed, translucent, water color tones
NEUTRALS: Cool tones of tan, beige, soft white, cool gray
FASHION STYLE: Soft, subtle, elegant, delicate, serene, nostalgic, blended tone on tone, minimal contrast
JEWELRY: Silver, white gold, crystals
BRIDAL GOWN: Cool white, silver
AVOID: High contrast, dark colors, warm/earth tones, gold and copper accessories.

Celebs: Jane Seymore, Charlize Theron (Spring secondary), Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, Grace Kelly, Sarah Jessica Parker (Spring secondary), Scarlett Johansson (Spring secondary), Mia Farrow, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Queen Elizabeth, Diane Sawyer, Celine Dion (Fall secondary)

FALL: Look of Nature
COMPLEXION: Warm tones of olive or gold, may have freckles or appear mottled
HAIR COLOR: Warm gold, brown, red, chestnut, auburn; matures to warm white, salt and pepper
EYE COLOR: Iris – Warm gold, green, hazel, amber, brown; Sclera – Warm off-white
COLORS: Warm, golden colors; Falls are not limited to earth tones
NEUTRALS: Warm browns, tans, dark greens, khaki, dark custom eyelash packaging eyelashes

custom eyelash packaging eyelashes
custom eyelash packaging eyelashes

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