Grow Longer, Fuller Lashes Naturally

It has been said that the eyelash company in qingdao are the window of the soul. Look into a woman’s eyes are they can be alluring and beautiful. That is part of the reason cosmetic companies promote such an array of eye makeup products including eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara. Full, thick eyelashes and dark beautifully shaped brows frame a woman’s eyes for a more dramatic, beautiful appearance.

As with hair, our eyebrows and lashes thin with age. Furthermore, many makeup products including eyelash company in qingdao, and eyelash extensions use glue to adhere to the natural lash causing them to become brittle if not properly hydrated. If you want your lashes to grow long and full, keep the lashes conditioned. Take time to actually hydrate your lashes each night before bed.

eyelash company in qingdao
eyelash company in qingdao

There are many eyelash products currently available on the market that maintain they hydrate lashes. Many of these products are formulated with a mix of natural ingredients. The one doctor prescribed product on the market contains prostaglandins – the glaucoma drug that has shown in studies to enable eyelashes to grow. However, there are side effects as with any drug that may harm the eyes and change their color.

A host of companies have launched eyelash growth serums. Be cautious, however, since many companies do not list ingredients at all. Even if a company simply lists their ingredients without accounting for which key ingredients will help to regrow and thicken lashes, it may plainly be a nice conditioning product without true claims for growth and thickening.

Always look for a product, cosmetic or otherwise, that is able to support its claims with clinical studies. Furthermore, simply stating they have clinical studies without sharing results should raise a big red flag!

One eyelash growth product that both shares ingredients, purpose of ingredients as well as clinical results is Lash eyelash company in qingdao by Beaute de Paris.

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