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Eyelash eyelash-extension-tips have become a must in the celebrity world, with women such as Beyoncé, Cheryl Cole and Victoria Beckham sporting them in all the current magazines. These eyelash eyelash packaging eyelash are affordable and time efficient, so for normal women like me, beauty treatment procedures to enhance our look are becoming more popular, because people want to aspire to be like these celebrity role models. So should we succumb to the pressures of society to look good? Or is there an underlying negative to these seemingly harmless eyelash extensions? Well I’ll tell you why…So ENJOY!

So what’s the Fuss All About?


After reading a magazine article a few days ago, learnt that one of the most common pet hates women have about themselves is their eyelashes. (I would never have guessed this!) It seems that the longer your eyelashes are-the more interesting and eyelash packaging eyelash you are. (Seems crazy right?) Well over 60% of people don’t seem to think so! They voted that long eyelashes are a must in today’s climate.

Celebrities have therefore decided to pay ample amount of money to get perfect extended lashed and it seems to have caught the Medias eye! Once one celebrity gets noticed for something- the rest follow-and then this extends to the general public but a cheaper version. (And with cheapness-comes accidents and injuries!)

The whole purpose of eyelash extensions (if you can’t guess) is to extend the eyelash packaging eyelash and make them look fuller and more prominent. These extensions of the lash means no mascara is needed which can clump the eyelashes together which looks unsightly, I must add! These eyelash packaging eyelash last for around 6-7 weeks depending on the quality and amount of care you give them. With these extensions, the eyes look more defined and seemingly wider. So celebs say they not only look good (if done correctly) but that they all feel good!

Would you believe this can be extremely dangerous?
…Because it can!

When researching more about eyelash extensions, I came across a horrific story that really opened my eyes to the real dangers of this beauty treatment procedure! A woman had paid a considerable amount of money to someone who claimed to be a trained professional- However they had no experience at all and no qualifications in this field! The woman’s eyelash extensions were glued directly onto her eyelash without testing if she was allergic to the glue compound used. Later the same day her eyelashes started to all fall out as a eyelash packaging eyelash of TRACTION ALOPECIA (which causes hair to fall out due to too much tension). Unfortunately her eyelash packaging eyelash have never grown back!

If the beautician is not a trained professional, or has not one this beauty procedure a number of times, then they should not do this beauty procedure! There are too many risks involved. To name but a few;

– The eyelashes on the top and bottom of the eye can get glued together, creating great discomfort and temporary blindness until the glue can be safely removed.
– The great tension up on the natural eyelashes can become to over bearing and the natural lashes will start to fall out, and potentially could not return.
– The eyelashes can get glued together to form unsightly clumping around the eyes.
– An allergic reaction to the glue may occur, making the eyes very irritated, sore and swollen.
– If the beautician does not tell the client to keep their eyes closed at time, the eyelash packaging eyelash is that the glue will go into the eyes, causing severe burning and irritation.

To look like one of those celebrities, is it really worth the money? Hassel? Or Pain?


The alternative however to having great looking fuller eyelashes is to simply use a good mascara, or use eyelash packaging eyelash, as these are far less dangerous, because the lash is glued to the eye lid, rather than directly onto your lashes.

If you yourself have been a victim to a negligent beautician, and been injured in the process of getting eyelash extensions, then please go to specialist beauty treatment solicitors for free advice about claiming compensation for eyelash extension injuries. Why should you have to suffer at the hand of a negligent beautician without getting what you rightly deserve? Your solicitors will be able to help you through every step of the process and you wont have to deal with the paperwork. They will make it easy for you to claim compensation for eye injuries due to eyelash extensions!

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