False Lashes Are Great: But How Do They Come Off?

After a night of romancing out on the town, our fluttery eyed heroine settles into the bathroom to cleanse off her face and settle for the evening. She washes her skin carefully, removes lipstick, foundation and shadow. Now, on to the fabulously glamourous eyelashes magic lashes glue. She starts at the outside corner and tugs gently, only to be stopped in her tracks from the immense pain. She realizes she’s actually pulling out her natural lashes in the process. What’s a girl to do?


Sound familiar?

eyelashes magic lashes glue are a great way to extend your natural lashes and give you fluttering and romantic looking eyes. However, they create an in interesting dilemma since the lashes that are of good enough quality to stay on for more than ten minutes, just happen to be quite difficult to remove.

Many women try using baby oil, mineral oil or other substances to dissolve the adhesive holding the lashes in place. This is actually quite dangerous since the eye itself is quite sensitive, and most of these products are not made for removing adhesive. Not only that, but it usually doesn’t work all that well.

A good quality make up remover that is specially designed for use on eye make up is the safest route to protect your eyes and your sight. It will help you gently remove the falsies without damage to your natural lashes.

Apply a little remover with a cotton swab onto the lashes and let it sit for about thirty seconds. Make sure you have gone all the way across the falsie so it will unglue itself from your natural lash. Once its had time to absorb, you should be able to peel the lash off cleanly and easily. If you come across and sticky spots, don’t force it. Just add a little remover to the trouble spot, wait a few seconds for it to absorb and then continue.


There are two huge benefits to properly removing eyelashes magic lashes glue. One, you won’t be breaking or pulling out your natural lashes and; two, you can save the falsies to reuse for your next night on the town.

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