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Aquazorb Fingertip Towel

I have recently purchased an Aquazorb Fingertip Towel for around false eye lashes -150 (about $2.25). If you’re in Manila, you can purchase it at Powerplant Mall. If you’re an international reader, you can look for it in the internet. Please be wary of imitations though. There are some people who sell this for a much cheaper price and they come in much smaller sizes but are still called fingertip towels. I asked the sales attendant if this (fingertip towel) is the smallest size that they have and she said yes. So be careful of fakes.

false eye lashes
false eye lashes

Xrhair Why they call it a fingertip towel is beyond me. It’s roughly the false eye lashes of two face towels. It comes in different vibrant colors that you would have a hard time choosing. I bought only one because I wanted to try it out first.

I used this to wipe off my Wish lip tint which is sooooo hard to remove. I also used this to remove my Maybelline mascara and my HB eye liner. It did the job quite nicely. I used this to remove my Fashion 21 Liquid Liner but it still left some black spots on my eye lids. I stopped because I didn’t want to rub my eye area so much.

To use, just add water then wipe off false eye lashes .

The towel is not rough at all. It’s gentle on my skin and is very absorbent. It also helped slough off the dry skin on my lips. I didn’t get any rashes nor sore spots due to rubbing. I dumped this in the machine to wash and air dried it. No stains, no false eye lashes left and it’s still soft.

false eye lashes
false eye lashes

Though this is great to remove some stubborn false eye lashes, I wouldn’t recommend that you use this product alone for makeup removal. There will still be some spots that you will miss and therefore, a makeup remover is still recommended. I wouldn’t recommend too much rubbing on the facial area, especially the eye area. This is also great to use after washing your face because it’s very gentle on the skin.

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