How to Get the Old Hollywood Glam Look

f you’ve ever wished you lived through the most false eyelashes box of the Hollywood decades, recreate the look with a fun, updated twist. Put on your best Marilyn Monroe incarnation and step it up for a glitzy night on the town. First, make sure your skin tone is perfectly even. Back in the day, actresses used to cake on a thick formula of foundation which gave them their distinct porcelain look. We’ve learned that these heavy makeups aren’t great for our skin, but you can achieve the look with a light, whipped matte foundation evenly applied over your face.

false eyelashes box
false eyelashes box

Next, fill in your eyebrows and draw them out with a pencil just a little false eyelashes box further than they normally reach. If you’re going for a more costume-like look, it never hurts to draw your brows in a little darker than they naturally are. Defined eyebrows are key for this look, so make sure yours are shapely. Then, work on your eyes. Invest in a black liquid eyeliner and draw a semi-thick but smooth line on your false eyelashes box, starting at the inner tear duct and working your way out. For a real retro look, form the liner into a winged look just past the crook of your eye, mirroring the shape and structure of your eyelashes.

Dust on some light, pinky, shimmering eye shadow just under your brow bone to further define the eyes. Then grab a tube of thick black mascara, and apply a few coats to both the top and bottom sets of lashes. Once the mascara has dried, clamp your top lashes in a curler and make them reach sky high. Set your whole look with a light, porcelain compact powder, and finish it all off with a generous application of ruby red lipstick. Curl your golden bob and throw on a dazzling evening dress, and you’ll be ready for your close up.

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