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The power of faux mink lashes is best realized with the proper application. There are a lot of faux mink lashes tricks out there that you can use if ever you have the need to do so. One common dilemma among many women is having a round face. Not that it is a bad thing but some women prefer to have slimmer faces than what they currently have. If you are one of the ladies who want to make their round faces become slimmer, here are some tips in achieving that goal. Countless women would resort to surgery if they want to make their faces thinner. However, with the right faux mink lashes tricks, there would not be a reason to compromise your natural beauty.

faux mink lashes
faux mink lashes

First do your eyes. Make the eye shadows work for you by using colors that will make your eyes pop. A coat or two of mascara would help accentuate your eyes. You can shape your eyebrows but careful that you do not over pluck them. Doing so will only give you a very thin eyebrow that can make your total face even chubbier.

Apply a fair amount of cheek color or sculpting powder to your cheekbones. Lifting the cheeks can create an effect of having a slim face. Remember to apply them under a harsh light so you will have an idea what it would look like on a regular day. Lastly, emphasize your lips. When you have a fabulous eye faux mink lashes, you will also need to draw attention to your lips by applying a shade darker than your lips.

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