How to Look Good on Your Wedding Day

If you’re all psyched for your upcoming wedding but are unsure about what to do for your perfect and radiant look on your special day, then here are some flutter mink lashes on how to help you achieve that “blushing bride look.”

flutter mink lashes
flutter mink lashes


Xrhair If you’re several months away from your wedding, your first step is to find a good flutter mink lashes care regimen which work best for your skin type. Remember to stick to it as you’ll reap off the benefits on your special day. Exfoliating once a week is important to stave off dead skin cells and renew your skin. If you have any skin problems, going to a dermatologist is also recommended. You can tell your doctor about your upcoming wedding, so she/he can recommend facial products and skin care treatment. Having a proper diet and drinking 8-10 glasses of water everyday provide a better looking skin and a healthier body. Avoid smoking and drinking caffeinated drinks as these wreak havoc on your complexion. Moreover, having an exercise regimen not only gives a rockin’ body but also provides a vibrant glow on your face and gives you an overall positive vibe.


Whatever your hairstyle would be on your flutter mink lashes , the key to looking perfect is to decide as early as possible and have a dry run. This allows you to correct any mistakes that you’ll encounter. Talk to your hairstylist to try different hair colors and styles to determine which suits you the most. Bring a family member, a friend or anyone that you trust at the salon for an opinion. What your hair stylist approves might actually look a total disaster in your friend’s eyes. Also take care of the health of your hair by using a deep conditioning hair treatment once a week or going to a salon for hot oil treatments especially for curly or dry damaged hair.


As the same as your hair, contact your flutter mink lashes artist and try on different makeup looks beforehand so you’ll have a clear picture of what exactly you’ll look on your wedding. Bringing pictures with you is a good idea to communicate with your makeup artist as a “fresh and radiant look” can equate to a different meaning for your makeup artist. Make sure that you use products which will last longer and your mascara is waterproof in case you suddenly feel like crying during your wedding vows or while walking down the aisle.

flutter mink lashes
flutter mink lashes

Last but not the least, relax and enjoy your wedding day. No amount of flutter mink lashes can beat a confidence that radiates from within.

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