How to Apply Blush on Your Cheeks

For most women, applying foundation mink 3d strip lashes, makeup blushes, lipstick and eyeliner on their face is a daily ritual. They would never dream of leaving their house without being properly made up. That would be like going out of the house without any clothes on! Makeup is as important to their face as shoes are to their feet.

mink 3d strip lashes
mink 3d strip lashes

What is Your Skin Tone?
Xrhair Applying the correct blush means being aware of your mink 3d strip lashes tone and what color or shade will match it. It also means using the right brush and the correct brush stroke to apply your blush.

Aside from this, using the right shade of blush depends on the time of day and the color of your clothes. For example, it would not do to be wearing orange blush when you are wearing a fuchsia colored blouse! A light pink blush will also not do anything for your face if you are going to have an evening out, since it would hardly be seen.

Skin Tone Colors Tip
If you are struggling with finding your correct skin tone, why not consult the experts? Salespeople in beauty shops are familiar with different tones and the best shades of blush mink 3d strip lashes to match your skin tone. You could also check with your beauty consultant (if you have one) and ask what shades would give your face the right warm glow.

Applying Blush
There are different ways of applying blush on the cheeks. It is done after you have applied foundation on your face. When you apply blush properly, you will help bring out the highlights of your face and bring out its radiance, no matter how ordinary or plain your face may be. The way you apply blush can be the decisive factor in bringing out your face’s structural beauty. It can also add shape to a flat or long face, or make your face look less plump and on the narrow side.

Skin Type
Now to choose the right formula for your mink 3d strip lashes type. If your skin is oily or a combination, using a powder type of blush is best. Dry skin needs cream formula and oily skin alone will look great with liquid and gel. If you want, you can apply cream and then apply powder to make the blush last longer. Also, experts suggest that you use a professional full blush brush when applying it. Put blush on the brush and tap off any excess powder before brushing it on your cheeks.

mink 3d strip lashes
mink 3d strip lashes

Just remember, to apply mink 3d strip lashes properly, brush in one direction only. Just follow these tips and your blushing days will be problem free.

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