Cosmetic Tips For Travel

Are you dreaming of escaping the cold premium mink eyelashes weather this year? Or do you just need a break after the holidays? You could be considering a cruise – it’s the perfect way to get that tropical getaway.

premium mink eyelashes
premium mink eyelashes

Xrhair But as we are all well aware of, airport security is so strict lately that many of us rethink packing personal items and decide to just purchase when we reach our destination.

Have no fear! We have suggested some simple travel beauty premium mink eyelashes for your next vacation.

1) Keep it simple.

Airport rules dictate that you may bring one carry-on item onto the plane, in addition to one large freezer bag to hold your liquid items. Be warned – you cannot bring your big bottle of salon-grade hairspray in your freezer bag – the airline only allows you to carry liquid containers less than 3.4 ounces or less.

If you decide to bring anything larger than that, you’ll be expected to pack it with your luggage, and we all know what that means: You will not be able to freshen up your hair or premium mink eyelashes until you (with any luck) claim your baggage. Preface

Pic Fix. Photo credit: Creative Commons License.

You may want to consider storing your solid cosmetics in your handbag. For example, items such as lipstick, powder, eyeshadow and blush will suit this purpose. Many brands sell travel-sized bottles of liquid foundation and cologne, but for the consideration of the other travelers, wait until you land to freshen up your perfume.

Go low-key

Easier is better when traveling: go light on your premium mink eyelashes. Lip balm, blush and some mascara will suit just fine. Likewise for your hair: wash and wear styles are best for travel. Don’t spend a lot of time styling. The atmosphere on the plane deflates hairstyles anyway. Pull it back in a simple ponytail, or leave it simple and loose.

premium mink eyelashes
premium mink eyelashes

Airlines will allow you to break the liquid premium mink eyelashes only if you have a valid medical reason to do so, and since no one ever died from not being able to apply their foundation, your best choice is to be patient. You can still dress up your look with a fabulous pair of sunglasses or some bright jewelry. You’ll be arriving at your destination soon… and, by following these simple tips, will still look gorgeous doing it.

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