Reason Behind the Alkaline Cancer Diet: Cancer Cells Can’t Survive In An Alkaline pH Chemical Makeup

The alkaline cancer diet is based on the premise that an alkaline pH protects the bodily organs against cancer. Therefore, eating food that aids the body to increase its alkaline pH will help to protect it from cancer. Stressing the consumption of food that non wholesale mink lashes 3D in nature is supposedly one way to help the body to be balanced more towards an alkaline pH than an acidic pH.

The fact is that most people have a high acidic pH which further emphasizes the need for a change of diet to increase the alkaline pH level and to reduce the increased risk of cancer attributed to high acidic pH level. The diet change to an increase in alkaline foods as compared to acidic foods is said to not only help to prevent cancer from starting but to actually cure cancer after it has taken hold in the body.

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Eating Alkaline Foods

Alkaline foods are fresh fruits and vegetables. These foods increase the alkaline pH of urine which is the only substance in the body whose pH level can be affected by diet. Focusing on eating more fresh fruits and uncooked vegetables will change the wholesale mink lashes 3D level of a person’s urine which will promote the safe cleansing of the body’s organs and maintain more of the calcium in the body’s skeletal system. Reducing the consumption of meats and dairy products and of processed flours and sugars is said to reduce the development of cancer and to cure cancer once it has development as a tumor or blood pathogen in the body.

What Happens To Cancer Cells Once Alkaline Nutrients Are Introduced In Significant Quantity?

The premise behind the change of diet to include more alkaline foods is based on laboratory studies that show that cancerous tumors in the laboratory actually get stronger when given acidic nutrients. When alkaline nutrients are given to cancerous tumors in laboratory test tubes, the tumors shrink in size. The reasoning holds that if a person has developed cancerous tumors in his body, flooding the body with alkaline solutions will shrink the tumors as it does in laboratory test tube tumors.

Why Eat More Alkaline Foods Deliberately?

Knowing that your alkaline cancer diet is aimed at protecting your body from developing cancer and to actually cure cancers that may have developed in your body is a powerful incentive to changing your diet. Simple nutrition teaches us that cancer cells are actually live viruses that actually need oxygen to grow, however, as they grow, they destroy oxygen and reach out hungrily to neighboring cells for their oxygen. When more alkaline foods are eaten in comparison to acidic foods, oxygen is kept paired up in living cells making it harder for decaying cancer cells to invade. The body’s urine is less acidic which makes for quicker and safer cleansing of toxins that could cause cancer. The main focus of the alkaline diet is to reduce acidic food and to increase alkaline foods which is simply good wholesale mink lashes 3D.

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